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Get customized applications for logistics and integrate them seamlessly as per your business requirements.

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With the Logix App Store, get your customized apps according to your business needs to improve your business processes and enable your business to go global through innovative technology and integrated automations.

Featured to manage logistics operations like


Manage all your customer details at a single place with our flexible CRM solution. Build long term relationships with customers by using their order history details in the most effective way.


Live shipment tracking on the system, website through APIs based on multiple criteria.


Logix Platform can be integrated with all the leading platforms, third- party hardwares & major carriers to provide a unified experience on a single dashboard.


Scanning, COD, POD, distance wise delivery estimation, auto-route suggestion.


Manage pickup for standard and reverse logistics through customer portal now, let your customer choose pickup type.


Multiple types of vendor management with their complete details and accounting.


Manage vehicles and multiple stop over trips through simplest process catering business needs.



Logix Platform's CRM app integrates organizational processes across marketing. sales, and customer service with functionalities and features that can strategically serve key initiatives across departments.



Streamlined processes through automation:

With the CRM app, you can standardize your workflows and processes associated with sales, marketing to improve coordination between your teams.

Sales Team

This CRM app helps to streamline sales or marketing teams, improve efficiency and optimize your sales process effectively.

Employee Attendance

This feature allows employees to mark their attendance from anywhere with just a single click.

Visits Management

This feature allows you to track the visit details of your client. Also, help you in gathering your client's information using forms in the app.

Generate Logistics Quotation

This is one of the important and unique features in this app. It helps you in handling quotations from different zones and locations.

Actionable insights into business performance and customer behavior

It offers analytics functionality, where you can create customizable dashboards and reports based on customer data. These reports help in segmenting customers, tracking revenue, and managing personalized campaigns


Our procurement app provides a cloud based system that allows your business to create, manage and maintain a centralized database that could be accessed at any time from anywhere.



Purchase Requisition

It comprises key information that is required to procure the right goods, services, or works.

Request for quotation

It provides a customizable farm for customers to submit a request for quotation which will help you to fulfill certain tasks or projects.

Purchase Order Management

After the purchase request has been approved, in this process the finance department will issue a purchase order to the seller. Your purchase order is a document that outlines:

  • A description of the goods or service
  • Total casts
  • Quantity
  • Approval of workflow

Invoice and order management

Once the supplier will receive your purchase order, you'll receive an invoice from them with the details of the agreed price and instructions on how to pay.

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